By Chancellor Agard and Natalie Abrams
March 23, 2018 at 07:57 PM EDT
The CW; Annette Brown/The CW

Each week, we break down the biggest moments from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Black Lightning, and Arrow — both here on and on SiriusXM’s EW Live every Friday during Superhero Insider.

This week, Sara Lance made a major decision about her relationship with Ava on Legends of Tomorrow, and Jennifer discovered her father’s secret identity while Anissa officially stepped out as Thunder on Black Lightning. Here are the highlights:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The CW

With so few episodes left, I feel extremely confident in saying that Caity Lotz is the MVP of Legends season 3 — to be honest, she was also the MVP last year, too. But Sara Lance truly has gone on quite an emotional journey this year. At fault for all these anachronisms because of her season 2 finale decision, she’s been determined to save time this year. But amid this guilt, Sara has also opened herself up to love, as Ava slowly broke down her walls. That made it all the more heartbreaking when Sara ended her relationship with Ava, just shortly after calling the Time Bureau director her girlfriend, because she is death — literally. Taking control of the Death Totem, Sara was possessed by Mallus and nearly killed her entire team. Once she regained control, however, she heartbreakingly broke up with Ava, pushing her away in hopes of saving her. Damn, Legends, why do you have to break hearts like that? —Natalie Abrams
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Black Lightning

Annette Brown/The CW

Another week, another episode where the Pierce women steal the show. I loved Jennifer’s reaction to learning about her family’s secrets. Unlike Anissa — who was overjoyed when she discovered she had powers and her father was Black Lightning — Jennifer doesn’t want to save the world. In fact, she’s incredibly hurt that her parents kept this from her, and all she really wants is to have a normal life. That felt like a very believable reaction, mostly due to the strong writing and China Anne McClain’s great performance. Furthermore, this week’s episode also saw the debut of Anissa’s Thunder costume, which has been a long time coming. I can’t tell how excited I got the moment she stepped out in her new costume to help father fight some crime. —Chancellor Agard
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This Week’s Crossover Moments

  • The Flash‘s Violett Beane appeared on Legends of Tomorrow when Mallus terrorized Wally with a vision of his ex.
  • Lynn name-dropped both Supergirl and Vixen on Black Lightning.

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