"Enjoy Sunday" teases porn star's lawyer

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is teasing a secret photo — possibly a video — ahead of the porn star’s highly anticipated CBS 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night.

First, Michael Avenatti — who is representing Daniels in her legal face off with President Trump — tweeted this cryptic image of a disc kept in safe:

The disc, the suggestion that there’s more than a mere photo, and the #pleasedenyit hashtag suggest either multiple photos or possibly a video of some kind that proves Trump and Daniels had an affair.

One skeptic online claimed the video must be from Daniels’ lie detector test which she reportedly passed seven years ago with 99 percent certainty that she was telling the truth about her fling with Trump.

Yet Avenatti shot this speculation down, and seemingly teased the upcoming 60 Minutes interview:

Does this mean that whatever is on this disc will be revealed in the telecast? The “and the days that follow” tease makes the prospect of a Sunday reveal seem rather uncertain.

This morning, Avenatti followed this up by retweeting a Washington Post column by a Havard Law professor arguing that the public has a right to hear what Daniels has to say, regardless of her nondisclosure agreement with Trump.

Daniels will talk to Anderson Cooper about the relationship she says she had with Trump in 2006 and 2007 in her first and only television interview about the alleged relationship. The president has denied having an affair with Daniels.

Daniels has been in arbitration over her $130,000 hush agreement and has filed a lawsuit in California asking the court to toss out the contract because Trump never signed it.

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