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Terry O’Quinn is back in Hawaii to film an episode of Hawaii Five-0. Can you tell us something about it? — Lisa
Yes, Terry O’Quinn will be back in the penultimate hour. Here’s what’s going down: When Junior gets intelligence from his Navy SEAL counterparts that Joe White is in danger, McGarrett joins Junior and his SEAL unit to rescue him. But we’ll also get flashbacks to when Joe saved McGarrett’s life.

The Once Upon a Time series finale is called “Leaving Storybrooke.” Is that literal — like everyone is going back to the Enchanted Forest — or more just for us as the audience and how we are leaving these characters? — Farrah
I took your question directly to executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, and their answer is… well, it’s an answer. “It’s called ‘Leaving Storybrooke,’ because we are saying goodbye,” the OUAT bosses wrote back. That’s about as close as we’ll get to an answer, sorry!

Desperate for any news on Supernatural. — Iain
Sam is going to be put through the wringer toward the end of the season — and Jared Padalecki spent many hours in the makeup chair because of it. “Let’s say Sam Winchester goes through trials and tribulations that leave him pretty beat up,” the actor says. “And at the risk of getting fired, that’s as far as I’ll go with it, but it was a long time.”

What’s the latest on Law & Order: SVU? — Joe
I can exclusively reveal that Scott Porter will guest star as the husband of a woman who goes missing along with their young daughter. The Friday Night Lights alum will appear in the April 18 episode, which also features the return of Stephanie March.

Did you get any other scoop on The Big Bang Theory? — Sara
Before Amy and Sheldon walk down the aisle, we will get to see bachelor and bachelorette parties, but they will be wildly different. For the men, Kunal Nayyar teases, “Sheldon and the guys go on a road trip to meet a scientist in the woods, and Sheldon comes to an epiphany.” As for the women, Kaley Cuoco offers: “There’s a really cute storyline where we do a little bachelorette thing and the ending is really cute. It doesn’t go the way that we thought it would.”

What are we in for when New Girl‘s last season begins? — Jessica
It’s curtains for the show, which means final bows from special guest stars (expect to see Rob Reiner, Dermot Mulroney, Damon Wayans, Jr., Jamie Lee Curtis, and more), and an ending EP Brett Baer calls “emotionally satisfying.” But does that mean happily ever after for all past and present loft-mates? “The one thing I can promise is, in typical New Girl fashion, nothing ever comes without some sort of curveball,” EP Dave Finked teases. Here’s hoping it’s a home run.

What do you have on the Blindspot finale? — Audrey
As I previously teased, the show will be heading back to its roots by going to South Africa, but there are plenty of other surprises in store. “It’s pretty epic,” EP Martin Gero teases of the finale. “It’s been fantastically written by Chris Pozzebon and there’s a major payoff on basically every page. It’s so funny and so emotional and I think will genuinely make people gasp a few times and yell at the screen a few times.”

Will we get a definitive answer on who was the cause of the end of the world on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this season? — Krysten
I mean, it would be a pretty awful way to end the season if we didn’t find out. But even when I asked EP Jeff Bell, he played relatively coy. “Hopefully!” he says. “It’s a tricky thing because we don’t know what did it. We were told, ‘Oh, you did this,’ about Daisy. Daisy was told she did it but did she? This is a rumor, so figuring out what future Yo-Yo told younger Yo-Yo, how much of that is true and how much of that is something we can bank on is a question we have to look into.”

Will there be anything romantic between Cameron and Kay on Deception? — Corey
“Nope, nothing,” EP Chris Fedak insists, though he doesn’t rule it out for the future. “There’s definitely a bond between Cameron and Kay. They’re quickly becoming fast friends and real partners. But right now, Cameron’s brother is in prison. Getting Johnny out is his priority. And Kay needs Cameron for a hundred other cases she has to solve. But I’m a veteran of a few ‘shipping situations. I know there are things you can’t control when making TV. We’ve discovered a bunch of really interesting dynamics throughout the season, so yes, there will be romance in this show, just not where you expect.”

I love Princess Eleanor on The Royals. What’s up next for her? — Kyle
She’ll be wearing more amazing outfits… but you already knew that. Here’s what you might not know: After Jasper’s big press conference confession last week, things for Jaspenor are on unusually solid ground. And since it’s likely to stay that way for a bit (sorry, Sebastian), Eleanor will focus more of her energy on her newfound love of do-gooding, which will have her channeling a different fairy tale entirely.

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