There was a time where The Walking Dead really seemed to hone in on a particular character or storyline and do a deep dive for an episode on just that person or place. But season 8 of the zombie drama has been a much different beast — especially the past few weeks.

What we’ve seen instead is several stories all taking place at once — sometimes with up to five different plotlines playing out per episode. And according to star Norman Reedus, it looks like that will continue right into the season finale on April 15. “There are about four elements of the finale that are great on their own,” says the man who plays Daryl Dixon, also noting that any one of the four would be great on their own.

“There are four things that happen that could be the finale, and they all go off at once at the same time,” says Reedus. “They head in different directions, and they’re all individually as good as the next, and they’re all very, very satisfying. I like that about it. I like that it’s not just one person’s story. There are probably four, maybe five, different directions that the show could’ve ended on and it went in all of them. It’s very satisfying.”

Reedus’ description seems to match what showrunner Scott M. Gimple also told EW earlier this year about the season-ender. “It’s very big,” said Gimple then. “Probably currently a little too big. It was pretty amazing the scope of some of the things that we got to do. And yet the emotional intensity was insane. And it very much sets up the start of the next story.”

Whether that new mysterious stranger Georgie will be part of that next story remains to be seen, but it looks like there will be plenty of other things — four or five, if Reedus is to believed — that need to be sorted out before then.

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