Eighteen years after Katie Couric’s groundbreaking televised colonoscopy on NBC’s Today show, Couric helped late-night host Jimmy Kimmel get the procedure done as he turned 50 years old.

“I know this is something Katie is passionate about and it’s an important thing to do,” Kimmel said about the test, which helps detect colon cancer, on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “You’re about to watch a camera go where no camera has gone before.”

With help from Couric, Kimmel prepped for his colonoscopy the night before the exam and was later driven to the hospital by the former morning-show host for the procedure. “People say this isn’t fun, but I say it’s a lot more fun than being diagnosed with colorectal cancer,” Couric, whose husband died of colon cancer in 1998, told Kimmel.

“That’s true,” replied Kimmel. “You should put that on a bumper sticker. A long bumper sticker.”

Kimmel’s colonoscopy went off without a hitch — he had a clean colon with no polyps — and the comic even walked away with some personal items found during the exam: his car keys, some toy soldiers, and a harmonica.

Watch Kimmel’s colonoscopy above.