I couldn't help but wonder: how can some women govern states when others can't even govern the state of their own relationship?

Actress and lifelong New Yorker Cynthia Nixon is running for governor.

Nixon is perhaps most famous for her role as corporate, Harvard-educated lawyer Miranda Hobbes on the seminal Sex and the City, who, incidentally, probably would have made a great governor. I mean, she was able to compromise with Steve and move to Brooklyn, so of course she'll be willing to reach across the aisle. Miranda was a working mother who constantly forged forward in her career, and Sex and the City is littered with dozens of moments that portend Nixon's eventual foray into politics.

Miranda is ambitious.

She understands a necessary separation of church and state.

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She's a proponent of comprehensive sexual education.

And has great ideas for what you're supposed to do with a good campaign slogan.


She's a progressive, who doesn't blindly obey the status quo.

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And she understands that according to the U.N., internet access is a basic human right.

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Miranda gets that politics is a business of quid pro quo.

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And that you can't trust anyone in politics.

Sometimes, the best solutions to problems come from removing anger and moving forward from a place of pragmatism.

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And she knows how to deal with haters.

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