Jurassic Park came out 25 years ago, and in honor of its anniversary, Saturday Night Live gave us a glimpse of what some of the ’90s biggest stars might have looked like had they done screen tests for Steven Spielberg’s movie.

Host Bill Hader brought back his impressions of Alan Alda and an Al Pacino, who might have had a little trouble keeping the movie PG if he had been cast as Hammond.

“If I did let the dinosaurs out…” Kenan Thompson’s O.J. Simpson began, before reminding us that 1993 was a good time to be O.J. Simpson. As stand-up Sinbad: “Now ya’ll know my wife is a triceratops. I wait downstairs while she tries several tops!”

Featured player Heidi Gardner played Gwen Stefani, auditioning for the role of “Teenage Girl”: “I’m just a girl! Don’t eat me, big dinosaur!”

And though Pete Davidson nailed Adam Sandler, the sketch’s MVP was Kate McKinnon, pulling out impressions of Jodie Foster, ’90s Ellen DeGeneres, and Friends-era Lisa Kudrow.

Jurassic Park
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