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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Deception. Read at your own risk!

Cameron Black pulled off another great trick during Sunday’s Deception, effectively cementing his place within the FBI in order to help free his brother.

During Sunday’s hour, Cameron (Jack Cutmore-Scott) aimed to help the FBI solve a murder, believing he’d then be allowed to more permanently work with them and therefore ultimately catch the Mystery Woman (Stephanie Corneliussen). The disgraced magician is ultimately able to arrest the head of the Russian mob, who’s been using a fake reality show to kill people who try to defect from his organization. With Cameron allowed to stick around, Kay (Ilfenesh Hadera) even vows to help him get his brother out of jail. She’s already been collecting info in service of doing just that. But will she cross some lines in helping him?

“Her offer to Cameron is a sincere one,” executive producer Chris Fedak tells EW. “She’s a standup FBI agent who doesn’t mess around, her word is her word. She’s also intrigued by the case. That said, she’s always going to work within the law, which can be a little tricky since the Deception Group kind of skirts around the edges of what is exactly ‘legal.’ So Kay won’t break the law, but she will stretch it just a bit.”

But Kay isn’t the only one who has her own murder board tracking Jonathon Black’s case, as the closing moments of the hour reveal the Mystery Woman has a pretty sizable one herself that’s tracking some larger mystery within the show. Maybe screen-grabbing the scene in question will help provide some clues as to what’s ahead? “Hah!” Fedak replies. “Don’t look too closely. The Mystery Woman’s impressive Murder Board of Clues is filled with actual Easter eggs if you go hunting. It won’t give you answers, but it will get you asking the right questions and hint at what future episodes might hold.”

Deception airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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