By Mary Kate Carr
March 18, 2018 at 10:54 AM EDT

Happy St. Patrick’s Day — or as some might say, “Erin Go Brockovich.”

In a cut-for-time sketch from this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Bill Hader shares his unusual ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. (Fans might remember a similar sketch from Edward Norton’s Halloween episode in 2013.) Hader pulled out classic items like corned beef (a corn cob taped to a hamburger), a Shamrock Shake (homemade by leaving a glass of milk outside for a week), and a glass of Guinness (“They say it’s the same as eating 10 slices of bread, but I never woke up naked after 10 slices of bread”).

Also present is Steven, played by Beck Bennett, a strange leprechaun eating a stick of butter and a pot of gold (a.k.a. a jar of mustard), and hanging out with a lamb. “Steven, how do we know each other again?” Hader asks.

“You won me,” Bennett giggles.

“That’s right,” says Hader with a deadpan look at the camera.

In a surprise twist, the final title card reads: “Happy St. Paddy’s Day from Liam Neeson, Leprechaun, and The Lamb.”

Watch the silly sketch above.

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