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This week, the West siblings learned important lessons on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, and Black Lightning threw a thought-provoking twist at us. Here are the highlights:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Amazing Grace
Credit: Robert Falconer/The CW

I’m quite frankly surprised that it has taken the Arrow-verse this long to depict how annoying it must be to people having a speedster in their lives. It was delightful to see Zari at wit’s end every time Wally swiftly cleaned up a mess. But she was also able to teach him a good lesson in reverse that speed doesn’t solve everything and sometimes using your words can help complete a mission. I’ll take more Wally-Zari team-ups, please. —Natalie Abrams
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The Flash

Run, Iris, Run
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Candice Patton gave an amazing performance in this week’s episode, which saw Iris become Central City’s defender for the day after absorbing Barry’s powers. Her joy over her new powers was damn near infectious, and I especially loved how proud she looked after saving the day by creating a tidal wave. Patton’s performance even made some of the wonkier aspects of the episode work, too. The show hasn’t spent nearly as much time on Iris’ life outside of Team Flash in the past few seasons, but upon rewatching the episode, I couldn’t help but smile when Iris realized the best way for her to be a hero was to revive her blog and start writing again. Hopefully, the show will put more effort into spending time with Iris the Writer going forward. —Chancellor Agard
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Black Lightning

The Book of Revelations
Credit: Eli Joshua Adé/The CW

Black Lightning continues to reveal just how smart it is. After weeks of mounting suspicion, Gambi finally revealed his involvement in illegal government experiments on the residence of Freeland 30 years ago and how those misdeeds are related to the influx of Green Light into the city. What makes this shocking twist so amazing is that it draws on a ton of a real-life history; from the Tuskegee experiments to the CIA’s involvement in the creation of crack-cocaine. There isn’t another superhero show out there right now that’s even attempting to grapple with these topics and I really hope Black Lightning doesn’t stop. —C.A.
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