ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

Much like our President Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel is a big supporter of American businesses, so he decided to give one such business — namely, the online Trump store — a try.

Kimmel began his Wednesday night monologue by dinging the GOP for losing a competitive special election in Pennsylvania to Democratic candidate Conor Lamb. The White House claimed the race was “essentially a tie,” Kimmel said, but, “if it was a tie, it would be Scotch-taped to Donald Trump’s shirt and manufactured in China.”

The joke was a perfect segue for Kimmel to reveal his most recent shopping spree: he purchased a number of items from the Trumps’ online store, run by the president’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr. Trump Jr. The box of Kimmel’s purchases came with a note from the brothers, thanking Kimmel for “being one of the first customers to shop our brand new online store.” (The site launched in November 2017.)

Noting that President Trump wanted to focus on American-made products, Kimmel checked out the labels on Trump-branded items such as a golf hat, a coffee mug, a baby bib, and more. All the items originated in China, Thailand, or Peru, except two items without markings at all.

A concerned citizen, Kimmel looked up “Requirements for country of origin marking on goods imported to the U.S.” Discovering that the potential violations could cost up to $500,000 in penalties, Kimmel told his audience, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m sure Eric and Don Jr. didn’t know about this, I’m sure it was simple oversight. I’ll just file an official complaint.”

The Trump store responded online, tweeting at Kimmel, “[It] appears you make an even better salesman than comedian — Thanks for the pitch!”

“You are most welcome and, may I say, the Chinese do a BEAUTIFUL job making your products!” Kimmel responded.

Watch Kimmel’s monologue above.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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