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Isn’t it fun when fiction becomes reality?

If you’re a fan of Younger, you’re in for a treat because that’s what’s happening this June when fictional novel Marriage Vacation hits real-life shelves. EW can exclusively reveal that Simon & Schuster will publish the novel written by the character Pauline Turner Brooks (played by Jennifer Westfeldt) on the TV Land series.

On season 4 of the show, Pauline writes a tell-all novel about her ex-husband and Empirical Press boss Charles (Peter Hermann), and then Liza (Sutton Foster) gets the opportunity to edit it. That might sound like a great gig for the aspiring book editor, but since Liza and Charles are romantically involved and Liza is now required to read about her possible-beau in a somewhat villainous light, add to that Pauline treating Liza as her confidante, things get a little awkward. Plus, there are some juicy bedroom secrets divulged on page 58 that really spark Liza’s curiosity.

The real-life, published version of Marriage Vacation will also serve as a standalone novel as it tells the story of a woman who leaves her marriage to go on a journey of self-discovery — something to which many women (even those who don’t watch the show) can relate.

Credit: Simon & Schuster

Find out what goes down on page 58 when Marriage Vacation is published this June. Pre-order it here.

Season 5 of Younger is in production now.

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