Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary will get personal for Kat Sandoval.

In the episode, Kat — played by former Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez — opens up to Jay Whitman (Sebastian Arcelus) about co-parenting her child and why she was personally affected by a recent incident involving LGBTQ refugees overseas. EW has an exclusive clip from the episode featuring Kat talking about her sexuality and why her style has changed her the years to better reflect her gender identity and expression.

In an interview with EW before she joined the political show in November, Ramirez said she hoped her character would “continue normalizing, strengthening, and celebrating these types of inclusive outcomes in the world. As far as the character is concerned, I’m still getting to know her, but so far she’s different in that she spent a good portion of her life in politics before stepping away from it. Kat is very intentional and clear in her approach, because she knows she’s capable. She’s outspoken and unapologetically herself.”

Ramirez also talked about her life after leaving Grey’s Anatomy and how the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting impacted her personally. “This past year and a half has taught me how to embrace myself fully, to never ever be afraid to claim my truth and power in spaces, and that bisexual, pansexual, queer-identified women of color, of all genders, or no genders, deserve to exist fully and equally in any and every space with respect to our visibility, representation, dignity, and various intersecting identities,” she said.

Madam Secretary airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on CBS.

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