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What’s a Murder finale without a little, well, murder?

As revealed in the penultimate episode of How to Get Away with Murder, someone has ended up dead as a result of a tragic car accident — or was it an accident?

Annalise (Viola Davis) and the K4 have spent the entire season aiming to take down Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father Jorge (Esai Morales), who was partially responsible for the death of Wes (Alfred Enoch). The other guilty party? Laurel’s mother, whom Laurel looked prime to kill during last week’s hour.

During the finale, the long-awaited confrontation between Laurel and her father will finally come to a head — with Annalise & Co. finding surprising help in getting baby Christopher back. EW caught up with executive producer Pete Nowalk to get the scoop on what’s in store for the finale.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about the finale?
PETE NOWALK: My goal is to make each finale different and this one definitely feels different. It’s intense and there are a lot of twists and turns, but I think it ends on a very different note than what we’ve done before and that’s what I’m proud of. There’s a mystery, but it doesn’t end in such a dark place, I’ll give you that. When we go into our finale, there’s always a mystery of, “Is someone dead? Is one of our characters dead?” and that’s definitely going to be a very important presence in the final episode.

Anything you can say about Laurel facing off with her father?
Really, Laurel is dying to get her and Wes’ baby back, Christopher. The whole team is really working to that agenda, it’s very emotional, and we’ll see if she’s basically able to win the kid back from her father and make her father pay for all of the crimes he’s committed. Laurel probably has the worst parents in the world. We’ve obviously been building to it all season. The first scene of our premiere was Laurel lying to her father, but basically knowing that he killed Wes — or at least that’s what she believes. We’re going to end this story in the most climatic, intense, emotional way possible and it’s all for the love of this little baby.

What can you say for this season’s cliffhanger?
What I love about our cliffhanger is that it both digs up something in the past, but it also launches us on a brand new story.

Annalise has been on a redemption tour. How is that going to come full circle by the end of the season?
That’s the question for Annalise this whole season. Is she going to be able to get a victory? Is she going to be able to have an episode where she’s not destroyed and yelled at and made to lose? We will find out the answer to that by the end of the finale. What was exciting about this season, knowing that we were going to get her all the way to the Supreme Court and really try to pick her up from her fall, is that we get to answer that question in the finale in a way that I think is really satisfying and surprising.

It’s a little unclear where the students are school-wise. They still have more to go, right?
Yeah, I understand why you’re unclear, so I’ll just tell you. They are in the end of their second year of law school. Obviously, Connor dropped out, so that doesn’t apply to him. Don’t forget that Frank is also possibly applying to be a law student, but the rest of characters are finishing up their second year and probably not spending too much time on their books and their school, so their grades might be suffering.

You spent much of the beginning of this season tearing this group apart and have slowly brought them back together. Where might we find them as we’re heading into next season?
The group can’t escape each other and I think they are resigned to that fact. Anytime they try to separate, they’re all pulled back together, so I think they are more accepting of the fact that they are bound by blood. That said, there’s going to be new friendships and new conflicts that arise, in terms of romantic relationships and in terms of friendships. We move all the pieces around in a way that’s exciting because one of the best things is that we don’t see a lot of our characters interact. There might be new friendships forming and new surprising dynamics.

How to Get Away with Murder‘s season 4 finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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