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Ex on the Beach

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Bunch of exes on a beach? What could possibly go wrong?

Probably plenty, but MTV knows that’s what makes great TV. Hosted by rapper and actor Romeo, the terrifying social experiment/reality show brings together singletons from shows such as The Bachelorette, Big Brother, Bachelor in Paradise, The Challenge, Vanderpump Rules, Are You the One?, and Bad Girls Club.Along with some non-quasi-celeb singles, they all arrive in Hawaii for what they think is just a standard dating show then, BAM! their exes (sometimes more than one!!) are there too. Seems kinda cruel, no?

Anyway, expect plenty of drama as hookups happen, revenge is served and exes rekindle relationships they let die for a reason. The 10-episode, one-hour series premieres Thursday, April 19 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Check out the list of familiar and less-so names who will be hitting the beach below:

The Singles:
Jasmine Goode — Bachelor in Paradise
Chase McNary — The Bachelorette
Paul Calafiore — Big Brother
Faith Stowers — Vanderpump Rules
Cory Wharton — The Challenge
Angela Babicz – Bad Girls Club
Taylor Selfridge — Are You the One?
Tor’i Brooks
Victoria Alario
Chris Pearson

The Exes:
Shanley McIntee – Are You the One?
Derrick Henry – Are You the One?
Cameron Kolbo – Are You the One?
Joe Torgerson – Are You the One?
Alicia Wright – Are You the One?
Andre Siemers – Are You the One?
Marcus Rosenzweig
Marco Delvecchio
Skyler Mikkelson
Lexi Marsella
June Robinson
Luis Rivera
Haley Read
Chelsko Thompson

Ex on the Beach
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