The 'Gay of Thrones' jokes are back! Watch the exclusive clip here.

By Ernest Macias
March 14, 2018 at 10:17 AM EDT

Game of Thrones

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Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness sat down with Alicia Lutes, the host of Nerdist’s Fangirling, to kiki and most importantly talk about Game of Thrones.

Before the talented hairdresser became one of the Fab 5 in Netflix’s revival of the Bravo hit from the aughts, he was known for doing hilarious recaps of GoT episodes for Funny or Die’s aptly titled Gay of Thrones.

In the exclusive Fangirling clip above, Lutes asks Van Ness to play a quick game of word association using some of the GoT characters. He agrees, but not before tossing out the crown he’s holding, because “it’s like, not my truth.”

During the fast and furious game, Van Ness calls Brienne of Tarth “FIERCE,” Melisandre “nasty,” The Night King “so rude,” and Ramsay Bolton “basket of deplorables.”

The host then proceeds to get some insight on where Van Ness’ allegiance in the Seven Kingdoms stands and asks a crucial question for any GoT fan: “Who do you want to end up on the Iron Throne?”

Van Ness, with his signature sprinkle of sass, reveals that he wants to see “baby Kristen Stewart,” a.k.a. Arya Stark, rule.

Watch the Fangirling clip above.

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