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A Wrinkle in Time is a universe bending, time traveling, tesseracting adventure, so it only makes sense that the movie would take the next step — into 4D.

On The Late Late Show, host James Corden brings the cast along on his quest to change cinema forever with 4D, “real people, acting out the movie live in front of a movie audience.” In this case, Corden narrates while the film’s stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Storm Reid act out “scenes” from the film.

In other words: “It’s just a play. It’s like a bad school play, but with adults!” Kaling complains.

Corden does his best to motivate his cast, but he may have pushed them too far in the wrong direction. He earns an excited slap in the face from Witherspoon and a slew of insults from Winfrey. “You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re a disgrace,” she berates him.

In the end, Meg still manages to save the universe despite prop malfunctions and backstage drama. But it doesn’t seem like there will be a repeat performance: When Corden suggests round two, Winfrey puts her foot down. “I’m not going, that’s it,” she says definitively.

Maybe he’d have better luck with the cast of Thor?

Watch A Wrinkle in Time unfold in 4D above.

A Wrinkle in Time

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