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This Is Us - Season 3

This Is Us wraps up its second season on Tuesday not with a dramatic reading of Jack’s will but with the tying of a knot that will legally bind a Pearson to a non-Pearson. Yes, the finale will feature the nuptials of Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan), who have endured a rocky road to get to the altar.

So, what should you expect to bear witness to in this wedding-day-set episode? “Like Kate, it is unconventional, emotional, and unexpected,” Metz tells EW, describing the tone of the episode as “upbeat and joyous through a very important catharsis.” Which may — or may not be — why she drops this clue about the aspiring singer who’s weathered personal tragedy, body issues, and self-doubt. “The finale is a completely new start for Kate.”

Toby, meanwhile, was disappointed that his brother was a no-show at this bachelor party in the previous episode. In the finale, however, you will finally get to meet some of his family members. “His parents are everything and nothing you’d expect,” hints Metz.

Given the winding path that Kate and Toby took to get hitched, fans may be wondering: Is there a twist lurking somewhere in the finale? “There is a bit of a twist, in true This Is Us fashion,” she says, “because the writers are genius.”

“It’s a really joyous finale in a season marked by a lot of sadness and tragedy,” adds TIU exec producer Isaac Aptaker, referencing the death of Kate’s father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). “It’s about a lot of characters looking forward and has an incredible amount of uplift to it.”

The day will not be without heartache, though. Kate will certainly be affected by the reality that her long-deceased father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), can’t walk down her down the aisle. “Obviously, it’s been her life’s dream to find a man who her father would approve of but never measure up to,” says Metz. “Now that she has, it’s devastating that he won’t be there… physically.”

He will be there in spirit, however, or in some sort of hallucination/dream/alternate timeline, as evidenced by the promo that ran after last week’s episode. Click here to see old Jack for yourself.

To read what This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson said about Deja’s situation — and how “the ish hits the fan” in the finale — head over here.

The season 2 finale of This Is Us airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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This Is Us - Season 3
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