Saturday Night Live - Season 42

America, meet your new Big Three. It’s not Kate, Kevin, and Randall anymore, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jared Kushner, and Ben Carson.

With a parody commercial for a new version of This Is Us set in the government and titled This Is U.S., Saturday Night Live parodied both the hit NBC drama and the current political theater of American politics. Dubbing it “the number one drama in America,” SNL gave us Sterling K. Brown as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Pete Davidson as Kushner, and Aidy Bryant reprising her role as press secretary Sanders.

The mock commercial showcased footage of the new “Big Three” going through learning moments including Sanders looking at a Post-it telling her to “stop lying,” Carson’s wife laughing at the prospect of him overseeing HUD, and a shirtless Kushner calling the United Arab Emirates for a loan while drinking Manischewitz.

The ad also included fake pull quotes, including one from EW, saying “You’ll be laughing through tears except without the laughing so I guess just regular crying.”

The ad also riffs on Jack’s death and the presence of his golden urn, mockingly paying tribute to past members of the Trump administration with urns bearing the names Spicer, Scaramucci, and Hicks.

This is U.S. — “Like This Is Us but without the parts that feel good.” Watch the video above for more.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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