Credit: MTV

Spoiler alert: It’s still no fun to be a baby having a baby.

MTV’s latest entry into the Teen Mom franchise — a redo of 16 & Pregnant with slightly older participants, ranging from 17 to 21 — assembles a mostly likable group of couples preparing for parenthood while wrangling their way through ever-present family and relationship turmoil.

The category of drama on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant (March 12 at 10 p.m. ET) ranges from sad — Lexi, 17, worries her fellow cheerleaders are judging her for getting pregnant — to infuriating — Ashley, 20, gets into a screaming match at her baby shower with her boyfriend’s mom — but this franchise has always excelled at balancing out sensationalism with true pathos.

One of the more stable relationships is between 17-year-old Brianna and her transgender boyfriend Danae, who steps in to help raise Brianna’s unborn child after the biological father drops out of sight.

Unfortunately for the young women featured here, having a baby on the way doesn’t inoculate them from everyday teen drama, like unfaithful partners and escalating beefs on Facebook.

“If I wasn’t pregnant, this would be a lot easier,” sighs Kayla, 18, after learning that her trifling boyfriend has cheated yet again.

Isn’t that just the moral of Teen Mom in a nutshell: If you weren’t pregnant, honey, everything would be easier. B