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Any spoilers for Blindspot? — Bridget
You may have heard that Blindspot was planning a particularly huge trip for its season finale and I can now reveal where they’ll be going: South Africa. “Blindspot has shot on five continents now and we’re so very excited to finish this season in South Africa,” executive producer Martin Gero says. “Fans of Blindspot will realize how important that country is to the mythology of show, so it’s great to finally go there and, well, I can’t say much more.” But I can! Two words: Alice Kruger.

What should we know about the How to Get Away with Murder finale? — Carl
What’s a Murder finale without a little, well, murder? “There is going to be another body,” EP Pete Nowalk reveals, teasing that the long-awaited familial confrontation between Laurel and her father will finally come to a head — with Annalise & Co. finding surprising help in getting baby Christopher back. But expect the unexpected when it comes to the cliffhanger. “It doesn’t end in such a dark place,” Nowalk adds. Oh, okay, so just one murder then?

Once Upon a Time scoop, pretty please. — Ashley
We’re going to get a wealth of information on the Alice and Robin relationship in episode 14, which will reveal how the two first met. “The whole second half will be exploring the Alice-Robin relationship, so you’ll see them meet and fall in love in flashback,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “And you will see them, like Snow and Charming season 1, be cursed, but then pulled together in Hyperion Heights.”

Got anything on This Is Us? — LittleLotte
The season 2 finale will revolve around the wedding of Kate and Toby, but it will also deal with the fallout of Deja’s return — and her mother’s departure. Randall and Beth will have their hands full trying to accommodate her, but Beth is also consumed with making sure that it’s a healthy environment for her daughters, who did actually seem thrilled to have this foster child back in their house. “Beth is concerned with the girls [being] okay,” Susan Kelechi Watson says. “We’ll see that in the finale. ‘Am I messing up the family?’ She starts to confide in someone and says, “Are we doing this right?” So there is still a concern.”

I’ll take some Grey’s Anatomy scoop. — Jemma
I can officially reveal that Kim Raver will kick off her multi-episode arc in the March 29 episode. Details on what brings her back into the fold are being kept under wraps, but I hear the hour involves April’s crisis of faith coming to a head.

Without giving much away, what is in store for fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in this Friday’s historic 100th episode? — Izzy
While there will be a number of familiar faces returning, there’s one you probably shouldn’t expect: Ghost Rider. Though viewers will finally discover the deal Coulson made with the Spirit of Vengeance, don’t expect to see him in the flesh. “No,” Gabriel Luna said when I asked him if he’d be returning for the landmark hour. “Unless they’re pulling old footage because I didn’t come in for it.”

What can we expect from The Arrangement this season? — June
A lot. But one thing you’ll get by the second episode is a new character named Xavier Hughes (played by Ruffin Prentiss). “He’s a jazz musician who’s had crossover success, sort of in the mold of John Legend,” showrunner Jonathan Abrahams says. “He ends up getting involved in Kyle and Megan’s life in a multitude of ways, both professionally and personally.”

Any Timeless scoop? — Abbey
We’ll very quickly learn a surprising tidbit about Wyatt’s past — something that ultimately unearths a lot about his character — that will come in handy when the trio land back in the ’50s.

Do you have any info on when Jennifer might get her powers on Black Lightning? — Shawna
Once Jennifer’s powers manifest, she will go on a very different journey than her sister did. “It’ll be different because she comes at it from a different perspective,” Cress Williams says. “Even if you separate powers, you see that there’s a difference in personality types and what’s important to them between Anissa and Jennifer. Once powers are introduced, they also subsequently take different roads and have different reactions to it.”

Any scoop on season 3 of Shadowhunters? — Taylor
How about a little something on big bad Lilith? “She is the mother of all demons,” Katherine McNamara says. “We’ve seen a lot of evil on our show, but we haven’t seen anything like this. She has a dark power beyond anything that anyone can fathom, and she has a rage and a vengeance of not only a scorned woman but a mourning mother. Let me put it this way: mercy and reconciliation are not high on her priority list.”

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