By Luria Freeman
March 08, 2018 at 08:30 AM EST
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Just because his costar was only eight years old didn’t mean George Clooney wasn’t up to his famed prankster ways on the set of 1996’s One Fine Day.

When Good Girls star Mae Whitman stopped by PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing, she shared her memories of working with the superstar — and their feline costar.

“We had these cats and the whole point [in the movie] is we end up taking a kitten with us and we run around the whole city with this kitten,” Whitman recalled. “The props department made these really expensive, beautiful, real-looking rubber kittens that I could hold that wasn’t, like, a real cat, and George Clooney is the biggest prankster in the world. In these busy city streets, he would take these cats and toss ’em off into the street. They’d be getting run over by stuff. He’d play catch with them. Just, like, horrible. So badly that the ASPCA was called and literally came and was like, ‘You’re really throwing cats in the street.’ And he was like, ‘I’m actually not; it’s a horrible misunderstanding.’ But he got away with it for a pretty long time.”

The actress concluded, “So that’s the memory I have: playing catch with fake kittens with George Clooney.”

As this clip demonstrates, Whitman spent the entirety of her childhood on-screen; the 29-year-old has consistently booked gig after gig since the age of six. When asked how that made her feel, she seemed to be at peace with the past.

“Who needs home movies when you’ve got George Clooney?” she asked, laughing.

Watch the full clip above.

One Fine Day

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