It’s been almost a full year since we last saw Sara and her TeenNick show, ‘Ew!’ on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon… and she hasn’t aged a day. However, the same can’t exactly be said for her guest on Wednesday night, Allison (played by John Cena).

“I have to say, you look really different,” Sara tells her friend, whom she hasn’t seen in three years.

“Yeah, I had a little bit of a growth spurt. My mom says I’m going through some changes,” Allison says, lowering her voice. She goes on to explain that she was moved to the bottom row of her cheerleading squad and was being recruited by the football team.

For the lightning round, it was determined that Steve Martin was “cute!” but John Cena was “Ew!” “Too many muscles,” Cena Amanda insists.

The last time Fallon dressed as the preteen, boy-crazy Sara was in March 2017, with guest Demi Lovato.

Watch a clip of the segment above. (We will update to the full segment when it becomes available.)

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