By Kristen Baldwin
March 08, 2018 at 02:55 PM EST
Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ Getty Images

If The Bachelor Winter Games taught us anything, it’s that a) Luke Pell is a total asshat and b) we need to see more international contestants in the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, pronto!

For one thing, many of them are bilingual so they’re automatically at least 42% smarter than your average American contestant. And for another, wouldn’t you rather see some hot James Marsden lookalike from Canada stroll into Bachelor in Paradise in week 3 than some random guy from four Bachelorette seasons ago who you couldn’t name even if someone had a gun to your head? Exactly.

Well, rose lovers, Team Bachelor has heard our prayers. (You haven’t been praying? Fair enough. I applaud your priorities.) If ABC has its way, season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise will feature some contestants from around the globe.

“It’s absolutely something that we are aiming to do,” Robert Mills, ABC’s Senior VP Alternative Series & Late-Night Programming, tells EW. Though Mills can’t confirm if any contestants from Bachelor Winter Games will be flying to Playa Escondida, we simply have to believe that the network’s first call will be Yuki from The Bachelor Japan.

Are you pleased by this development, Bachelor fans? And which international Bachelor Winter Games contestants would you like to see in Mexico this summer? Post your thoughts now!

(Reporting by Samantha Highfill)