Everyone raise an avocado-based appetizer!
Credit: Netflix

If you’ve finished Netflix’s new Queer Eye, you probably have some lingering questions: What conditioner does Jonathan use? Can Antoni actually cook? And, most importantly, did Tom and Abby get back together?

To recap: Tom was the bearded truck driver featured in the makeover show’s first episode, “You Can’t Fix Ugly,” who graduated from “redneck margaritas” (they involve Mountain Dew) to a groomed and adult lifestyle. But Tom lived alone, still mourning his failed marriage to Abby, with whom he was still in love. Post-makeover, Tom took Abby on a date, and viewers clamored for some after-the-cameras-stopped updates.

Last month, Tom tweeted that he and Abby had not reconciled, but it seems as though the two lovebirds have finally heeded the pleas of the Internet:

“So happy to say Abby and I are reunited,” the car-lover tweeted, with plenty of emojis. “We’ve loved each other for many years and want to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!!”

Here’s to many years of self-care and avocado-based appetizers for the happy couple!

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