By Ruth Kinane
March 07, 2018 at 02:14 PM EST

Chip and Joanna Gaines are having a baby boy!

In a video posted to Chip’s Twitter account on Wednesday, one half of the Fixer Upper couple revealed that the duo’s fifth child will be a boy.

“Alright, alright … if we’re going to announce the gender of our #5th child. It might as well come from my new friend #Gage! Take it away my man. @tebowfoundation,” Chip captioned a retweeted video of his interaction with a young boy he met at the Tim Tebow Foundation’s golf weekend.

The video sees Chip enlist Gage’s help in coming up with a name for his son-to-be. “I can’t think of a ‘D’ name. Can you help me think of a ‘D’ name?” he asks Gage. “It’s a little boy, and I need a ‘D’ name, and so far, all I could come up with was Dragon, and she’s like, ‘You are not calling that baby Dragon!’ Can you help me?” Gage, quite rightly, erupts in giggles in response.

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