Someone — or some group — really doesn’t like Arie Luyendyk Jr.

In Los Angeles and Minnesota, 16 billboards went up early Tuesday in reaction to last night’s season finale of The Bachelor. Clearly upset that Arie first proposed to — and then dumped — their native daughter Becca, one (or more) Minnesotans rented out 12 billboards in the snowy state to express their displeasure.

LA - Bachelor
Credit: Lynette Rice

Another two billboards were rented along the 710 freeway in East Los Angeles while two more were scooped up on the 5 freeway near Orange County. Why those particular areas? That’s all that was available for such a last-minute transaction, admits a spokesperson for Outfront Media.

Sadly, the fan (or fans) who took out the billboards has chosen to remain anonymous. Maybe the rejected bachelorettes pooled their per diems?

Anyway, the drama is not over yet. The finale for The Bachelor will continue tonight on ABC.


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