The gang is still hitting the Hollywood grind in EW's exclusive first look

Melissa McCarthy has three words for Sia in the first Nobodies season 2 trailer: “I own you.”

The trio of Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras, and Hugh Davidson are back hitting the Hollywood grind in EW’s exclusive new look at the series’ return. But they might be crazy if they want to work for McCarthy, who’s now helping them get their sitcom off the ground. Here’s the thing, though: She gets things done.

“I would never sing a theme song for a TV show,” Sia protests. That’s too bad, according to McCarthy, because she gave the singer’s manager two bottles of wine. So that’s that.

As spotted in the new footage, season 2 is about all it takes to get Larry, Rachel, and Hugh’s pilot off the ground. Larry wants to star, which itself becomes a feat, but then there’s the whole Kristen Wiig situation. Larry wants her to costar as his sitcom wife, and she has a lot of feelings about that.

Meanwhile, Rachel is dating Mark-Paul Gosselaar, though that may not be as fun as it appears. “Doesn’t he date models?” Larry, the ever supportive friend, asks.

EW can also exclusively announce that season 2 will premiere on the Paramount Network on March 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The show moved to the now-former Spike TV platform after season 1 debuted on TV Land.

McCarthy, Sia, and Wiig will guest-star in the new batch of 12 half-hour episodes with Leslie Bibb, Cedric The Entertainer, Michael McDonald, and McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone. McCarthy and Falcone executive-produce Nobodies with director and showrunner Michael McDonald.

Watch the new trailer above.

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