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“The end of everything” is coming when Legion season 2 premieres next month, but at least there will be dancing.

The first full-length trailer for the FX drama’s return sees David (Dan Stevens) coming back from God knows where. Time has clearly gone by for the rest of the Summerland group and things are different. David’s pals have joined forces with their mortal enemies at Division III to fight the real enemy: Amahl Farouk (a.k.a. the Shadow King).

Navid Negahban (Homeland) debuts as Amahl’s latest form in the new footage, and he’s been infecting people with some mental attack that makes everyone go into a chattering state. Syd (Rachel Keller), David’s love, “lives in the future you’re going to destroy,” the mental leech informs our psychically charged hero. “And when you do, she will cease to exist.”

David can only see snippets of where he’s been and what he was up to in the interim, but it involves a rooftop forest and lots of dance numbers involving Oliver (Jemaine Clement) and Lenny (Aubrey Plaza).

Noah Hawley returns as showrunner for X-Men-based TV series, which also features Jean Smart, Amber Midthunder, and Hamish Linklater.

The Legion season 2 trailer features more snapshots of what fans can expect when the series returns on FX this April 3: Amahl channels Lenny to torture Cary (Bill Irwin), Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) falls victim to the chatter, the presence of a hearse teases a death, a mysterious coffin containing Amahl’s new form is dug up, and Amahl (as Lenny) and Oliver successfully found “someplace warm.”

Watch the new trailer above.

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