The comedian was on a mission to hold the trophy

By Nick Romano
March 06, 2018 at 08:52 AM EST
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Kevin Hart was on a mission during the Super Bowl. Not a mission sent by any divine being, but one you might get when you’ve had a bit to drink. “I was a little thing called intoxicated,” Hart told Conan O’Brien when presented with an image from the Super Bowl.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star was spotted on the field with the Philadelphia Eagles after they had claimed victory when he was accosted by a security guard. The comedian doesn’t blame the man for doing his job because, again, Hart was drunk.

“I don’t get that many days off, people, and this was a day off,” he explained. “It was a historic moment. I’m at the game, all of my friends from Philadelphia were all in the suite, my wife is there, and we are just having the best time of our lives. And with that good time, we’re throwing ’em back.”

Looking back on the events, Hart remembered something in his head that said he needed to be with the team. “It was one of those things where you get that thought and nobody else is a part of that thought,” he said.

“I took everybody out [of] the suite,” Hart continued. “We have no passes, there’s nothing to get us by the people that we’re getting by. I’m literally walking by people. They’re like, ‘Excuse me, sir.’ I’m like, ‘I’m Kevin Hart! I’m goin’ down with the team!'”

Hart made it all the way down to the field and even scooped up a piece of the football field turf to take as a souvenir. That’s when the second lightbulb went off. “The city of Philadelphia wants to see me hold this trophy,” he told himself.

“Man, here’s how stupid I am, people,” he told the Conan audience. “I’m trying to get to the trophy. The football team is right here. I’m celebrating with the Eagles. I’m in the middle of the Eagles huddle. They’re pushing me around. It’s great. I noticed because I watched the video later… in the video you hear one of the players go, ‘Kev! The trophy’s right here. Come hold the trophy, take a picture with the trophy!’ You also hear me go, ‘No, I’m goin’ up here to take a picture with the trophy!'”

And that’s when the cameras captured that moment.

Watch Hart’s full story in the clip above.

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