Many an America's Next Top Model contestant has fallen victim to the nefarious intent of inanimate objects. In cycle 10, a sheet of mylar came for Claire's neck. A menacing flight of stairs (!!!) had it out for Courtney in cycle 23. And now, like a bat out of the darkest depths of fashion hell, a flying metal bar has its sights set on cycle 24 stunner Jeana.

In EW's exclusive clip from Tuesday night's episode of the Tyra Banks-hosted reality show, Jeana is minding her own business in the middle of the desert, thank you very much, when Mother Nature decides it's time to spice things up for the cameras. As the 24-year-old prepares for the week's outdoor photo shoot, a nasty gust of wind sends pieces of the show's base camp flying into the abyss.

"Sandstorm!" model hopeful Rio bellows as she's fitted for a shimmery green dress, while footage of frantic crew members chasing down rogue tents and equipment (intermittently screaming "Oh my God!" in the process) flashes onscreen. In the aftermath, Jeana realizes she was hit.

"I'm kind of in the right place at the wrong time," Jeana says in a confessional, later tearing up. "I get hit in the back of my head with a metal bar. I had a knot in the back of my head, I'm dizzy, I've got sand in my eye. My cornea's scratched! So it's a lot going on."

The moment will go down in ANTM history as the day its elite squad of makeup artists and stylists became first responders to a minor emergency, but also the day fellow cycle 24 contestant Shanice became one of the shadiest conspiracy theorists in the Top Model game.

"Jeana got hit [on the back of her head] by the tent. She's causing the biggest scene," she says in a confessional. Seemingly unaware of the fact that, as the old saying goes, humans do not have eyes in the back of their heads, she says, "My mama always told me: ‘If you see something coming at you, you get out of the way!'"

America's Next Top Model cycle 24 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Watch EW's exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode above.

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