March 05, 2018 at 10:18 PM EST

Star Wars: Rebels ended tonight on an appropriate note: not of death, or even sacrifice, but of hope.

The Disney XD series about a crew of smugglers-turned-do-gooders was about the origins of a Rebellion that would eventually topple the Empire, and the show that was all about beginnings concluded with … another beginning.

This is all a bit spoiler-y, so we’re going to wait until the next page to protect those secrets for the people still waiting to watch. (You can catch up with the episode at www.disneynow.com.)

Over on the jump, we have a rundown of a post-screening Q&A that hit on a number of burning questions, including that half-alien, half-human child, the mysterious disappearance of a major character, and the possibility of another quest.

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