Don't miss the cut-for-time sketch, which also stars host Charles Barkley
Saturday Night Live - Season 42

If Saturday night’s installment of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Charles Barkley, left you wanting, perhaps this cut-for-time sketch will change your mind.

The pre-taped bit begins with a title card that says “Star Wars: A First Look,” so already, it’s looking promising. And then J.J. Abrams, who directed The Force Awakens and is in pre-production on Episode 9, shows up to reveal a third Star Wars standalone movie which will be released in 2019: The Mos Eisley Five. “It’s a story of a group of smugglers hired by the rebellion who are instrumental in establishing the rebel base on Hoth,” he explains before revealing an exclusive scene.

Next, we’re introduced to the Five: Mikey Day as a Han Solo-like leader, Kate McKinnon doing her best Rey who is not Rey, a Wookie, an R2, and Charles Barkley as an old Jedi. They must broker a deal with “Goba” (Kenan Thompson) in order to free a rebel pilot (Pete Davidson), all while

Mikey Day in a pseudo-Han Solo role, Kate McKinnon in a Rey-like role, and Charles Barkley as an old Jedi. There is also a Wookie and an R2 unit. They try to work a deal with Goba (Kenan Thompson) to free a rebel pilot (Pete Davidson). With all those different species communicating, at least five different languages are spoken — which really confuses Barkley’s Jedi, who only speaks “human.”

“These aliens are talking to you in their language, you answer them back in our language, everybody understands each other. Makes me feel stupid,” he confesses, as the rest of the group laughs.

Watch the video above.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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