'I didn't know Elvis turned into Richard Karn'


Macaulay Culkin has heard about some of those crazy Home Alone conspiracy theories, and he went through a couple with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Friday night. It sounds like we shouldn’t give them too much weight.

“I’ve heard some. There’s the, oh, that I’m Jigsaw,” Culkin said. “That Kevin McCallister grew up to become Jigsaw from Saw.”

Then there’s the one about Elvis, “one of the earliest ones.” Fallon explained this theory that stipulates Elvis Presley secretly had a cameo in the first Home Alone during the scene where Kevin’s mom is trying to change her plane tickets at the airport.

“I didn’t realize Elvis turned into Richard Karn,” Culkin joked of the Home Improvement lookalike spotted in the background.

The actor was back on the late-show circuit to promote his new website and podcast, BunnyEars.com, which is a lifestyle portal that’s “like Goop meets The Onion.” Hence the bunny ears he’s been seen wearing.

“I realized there was a hole in the market of poking fun at it and at the same time being informative,” Culkin explained.

Watch him on The Tonight Show in the clip above.

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