What a time for Fallon to be alive

Jimmy Fallon loves his "Weird Al." He once sat in his basement with fellow "Weird Al" Yankovic superfan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, to lip sync along to all the songs on the Polka Party! album. On Friday, Fallon got the chance to sit down with the man himself so that he and the Hamilton creator could sing the praises of the maestro behind the newly dropped Hamildrop, "The Hamilton Polka."

"It is so intricate, it's complex, it has every single thing that if you are a fan of 'Weird Al'… like there's a side whistle, there's a duck quack, there's a 'pew!' cartoon sound effects," Fallon gushed. "It's so great, the polka's great, the harmony's great, you're rapping is great. This must be the most intricate thing you've ever done."

Fallon also shared footage of him and Miranda listening to "The Hamilton Polka" for the first time, and they were super jazzed about it.

The song, released at midnight on Friday, remixes a bunch of Hamilton songs — including "Wait For It," "The Schuyler Sisters," and "The Room Where It Happens" — as an upbeat, ridiculously fast polka. "I thought I'm never gonna perform this live, so I'm just gonna make this impossible to perform," Yankovic told Fallon. "Oh, that rapping's fast. I'm gonna make it 10 percent faster in five-part harmony. Okay! Let's go!"

Miranda has known the eccentric singer for a while now, having performed with him on stage, featured him in a digital #Ham4Ham, and shared the joy of having a star put on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The pair had been talking about making "The Hamilton Polka" for about a year, Miranda said.

To further celebrate the polka's release, Fallon and Miranda performed another lip sync of a "Weird Al" song. It wasn't in a basement but on the Tonight Show stage with "Weird Al" himself. Watch above.

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