Jennifer Lawrence, a self-proclaimed decade-long “obsessed” superfan of the Kardashian clan, was given what she called the Sophie’s Choice of challenges on Watch What Happens Live. “Rank the Kardashians from favorite to least favorite,” host Andy Cohen said during a few lightning rounds of the game Plead the Fifth.

“Oh god, I hate this,” the Oscar winner said. But, as the game goes, she had already used her plead the fifth to avoid answering a question about her pet names for celebrities, so she had to respond.

“Kendall, Khloé, Kim, Kourtney,” Lawrence started in, though she added Kim and Kourtney were interchangeable on her ranking. “Does Kanye [West] count now?” she then asked. “Oh Kris! I forgot about Kris. She goes up there, too! I can’t do this. Please don’t, it’s like Sophie’s Choice.”

In the end, Lawrence put Kris Jenner at the top and “the rest, I guess they’re at the bottom.”

Lawrence got the opportunity to interview Kim Kardashian West as a guest host for Jimmy Kimmel Live in November. “I have been obsessed with our first guest and her family for over a decade in a very, very healthy way,” the Red Sparrow star said.

Over the years, she’s hung out with the Kardashians and Jenners, having once famously hopped in bed with the Jenner matriarch for a birthday photo. She seems to be so in the know that she told Cohen she knew about Kylie’s pregnancy before the big announcement.

Lawrence recently admitted, however, “I don’t know that [Kim would] call me her friend. It’s probably a one-sided friendship.”

Watch Lawrence on Watch What Happens Live in the clip above.

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