Alicia Keys proved her musical knowledge reigns supreme when she played the Whisper Challenge with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

This game — which Fallon points out viewers can play at home — requires one player to wear headphones blaring loud music while trying to read the lips of another player who is reciting a song lyric. The Grammy-winning artist was in it to win it from the beginning, telling the host, “You need to enunciate!”

The best hits include Keys mistaking the lyric “I’m on tonight/You know my hips don’t lie” for “I’m understanding” (which she clearly was not) and Fallon being very sure that the lyric “It takes two to make a thing go right” was actually “kiss that dude.”

Keys arose the victor, and with a pout and pose, asserted humbly, “I’m so much better than you.”

Watch the hilarious exchange above.

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