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When Supernatural returns from its mid-season hiatus, it will bring Bobby Singer with it. Well, the Bobby Singer who exists in Apocalypse World, doesn’t know who Sam and Dean are, and has a thing for berets. Regardless, a day with any version of Bobby is a good one for Supernatural fans, so EW hopped on the phone with Jim Beaver to talk about returning to the beloved character in a new way and what to expect in the future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before the season 12 finale, what was your reaction when you got the call asking you to play a new, very different version of Bobby?
JIM BEAVER: I would’ve been delighted to go back and play Bobby as a ballet teacher. [Laughs] I love the character, I love how he has fit into the show over the last 12-13 years, and I also love being there with that group of people. It’s such a joyous experience every time for me. I won’t give it up easily. If they ask, I’m going to be available. But Bobby’s a bit different this time around, maybe not as humorous as real-world Bobby. But maybe it’s just because it’s a much bleaker place and the opportunities for wisecracks are maybe a little slim. But I think even under pressure, it’s possible to have the occasional good one-liner and I doubt Bobby’s sense of humor has been completely erased — not if I’m gonna play him.

Sam and Dean were such a big part of Bobby’s character, but Apocalypse World Bobby didn’t have that, which must be a big change for you as you play him.
One of the disappointments, if you can call it that, of playing this version of Bobby is that I don’t get to work with Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] or Misha [Collins] very much. I look forward to a day when maybe the boys and Castiel are on the same plane as this Bobby and maybe some of those feelings can develop in this Bobby. Or maybe some other emotional dynamic. I do miss going up there and working with the guys. I’ll be interested to see where this goes because most of Bobby’s revisits since his death in season 7 have suggested at least the possibility that this is the last you’ll see of him. This one doesn’t do that. This episode leaves it wide open for more Bobby. I’ll be interested to see how the character progresses if they return to him, and I hope that he’ll get to spend more time in the company of his boys … even if he doesn’t realize they’re his boys.

What do you think real world Bobby would think of this new Bobby? Would they get along?
Oh, yeah. I think you’ve just set up the spin-off: My Two Bobby’s. [Laughs] Although they’ve got differences because their worlds are very different and their influences over the last years have been different and the relationships have been different, they are still, at heart, the same guy with the same determination and ambitions for mankind. I think that both Bobbys are really hard-headed so I’m sure they’d bump heads. You’re making me really really want to see that show. [Laughs]

Me too! It might be exhausting for you, playing both leads.
Yeah, well, I’d get over it. I’m sure my accountant would like to see it too. [Laughs]

What is Apocalypse World Bobby up to when we catch up with him this time?
He’s VERY happy to see Mary because he had very strong feelings for the Mary of his world who didn’t survive. He sees Mary and Jack as new allies and of course he’s got a surprise ahead of him with Jack because Jack has unexpected qualities for Bobby. His heritage is a little suspect. So this episode will get into all of that.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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