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Any romance news from Chicago Fire? — Rayna
Funny you should ask! Indeed I do. I won’t say who, but a fan-favorite pairing is about to have a seriously steamy scene — literally! — in the final moments of the big Fire-P.D. crossover set for March 7 and 8. Showrunner Derek Haas described it to me as, “If you liked the scene in Titanic that happened below deck in an antique car…” so, yeah, it’s going to be hot.

Anything about Rumple and the Guardian please? Rumple’s the only Once Upon a Time character you haven’t asked about during the hiatus, so it’d be great if you asked one about him before Friday’s new episode! — Texas Oncer
Truly sorry, but I hope I can now over-deliver on the Rumple scoop: “We know that he has a very tough mission, which is to resist his darker impulses, so he can keep his heart clean and go back to Belle,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “That is going to be challenged. The thing is, as Weaver, or as Rumple or Gold, he is The Dark One, which wields the most powerful dark magic, and at some point, someone is going to want to take that knife. We’re going to see a couple people go after him in this second half and it’s going to be very tough for him to not punch back.” The OUAT bosses also promise they will answer why Rumple had reverted to his old self in that midseason flashback. “There’s more scaly Rumple to come, don’t worry,” EP Adam Horowitz adds.

Do you have any information about the storyline of the Hawaii Five-0 episode Alex O’Loughlin directed? — Belle
Yes, I finally do! During the episode, which is slated to air March 30, we will get resolution as to who shot Danny while he was infirmed. We’ll meet the woman who was married to his shooter and see the case from Danny’s past that changed his life forever. Also, Jimmy Buffet returns and we actually get to see O’Loughlin play guitar. Here are some fun BTS photos from O’Loughlin’s directorial debut:

E ho' oko kuleana (To Do One's Duty)
Credit: Karen Neal/CBS
E ho' oko kuleana (To Do One's Duty)
Credit: Karen Neal/CBS

So, I know this is just a KEY plot twist, but give me some good news about Phil Coulson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seriously, even if he gets to enjoy a hamburger would be great. — Elexis
Okay, so the way everyone was describing the 100th episode has even me worried about our fearless leader. EP Jed Whedon said the landmark hour is an “emotional episode and it was emotional making it.” But Clark Gregg himself says there is also some hope during the 100th, though he wouldn’t reveal if it has to do with him. “There’s been a big scary dagger of fate hanging over Coulson’s head all season and we’re going to find out the nature of that and what it means going forward,” Gregg says, referencing the deal with Ghost Rider. “That in itself would be enough drama for a 100th episode, but on top of that, we have an incredible device the writers have come up with where some characters from the past will appear. There is also a moment that many of us have waited a long time for. I won’t say what ‘ship it has to do with, but somebody’s ‘ship is going to reach a shore.”

Any scoop on anything throughout the rest of the NCIS: LA season 9? — Tony
I can exclusively reveal that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Michael McMillan will guest star in a spring episode as Donald Jenkins, a tech-savvy flight supervisor for a rocket and spacecraft company. When one of his rockets carrying a top-secret payload crashes in the Los Padres forest under mysterious circumstances, the team must question Donald and his employees on what they potentially might know.

What’s happening with Jim and Harvey on Gotham? — Marie
This season has certainly put their friendship to the test, but star Ben McKenzie seems to think that Jim’s latest fall from grace will help bring the two back together again. “Now that Harvey really knows what Jim has been up to, that’s something that can’t be buried between the two of them. That will be a part of the texture of their relationship moving forward forever,” McKenzie says, adding, “In a way, it almost bonds them closer in the sense that Jim was always able to look at Harvey with somewhat of a sense of being superior to him — that Harvey was a cop who played on the edges of legality and ethics. Now that Jim has crossed that line, he understands how one gets there better. It is a nice maturing of their relationship.” On another note, because I’m feeling photo-happy this week, here are some shots from the March 8 episode, which features Bruce having an unsettling dream:

Credit: David Giesbrecht/FOX
Credit: David Giesbrecht/FOX

Any new SVU scoop? — Jessica
I can exclusively reveal that Seinfeld alum Wayne Knight will guest star on SVU as the manager of a seedy motel that becomes a crime scene when an escort is raped. His episode is slated for April.

What do you have on the How to Get Away with Murder finale? — Bobby
After the crossover with Scandal, there are two episodes left in the season, and they will definitely bring the story full circle, particularly when it comes to Laurel’s mission to destroy her father. “She has to confront both of her parents, so in the last two episodes, we will see this storyline come to a head,” EP Pete Nowalk tells me. “We’ve obviously been building to it all season. The first scene of our premiere was Laurel lying to her father, but basically knowing that he killed Wes, or at least that’s what she believes. We’re going to end this story in the most climatic, intense, emotional way possible and it’s all for the love of this little baby.”

I thought The Fosters had wrapped its series finale, but I’ve noticed on Instagram that the entire cast is in Turks and Caicos together. What gives? — JoJo
When I posed this question to executive producer Peter Paige, I shared my theory that the entire Adam-Foster clan (and some select significant others) had assembled in the Caribbean for Ana and Mike’s wedding. Here’s what he told me: “Life has taken the Fosters all sorts of places, and we’ve done plenty of ceremonies in the backyard of the house, but we thought a celebration this size called for a trip to Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos.”

How will April’s crisis affect Japril on Grey’s Anatomy? — Hortensia
April’s newfound carefree personality won’t go unnoticed by Jackson, leading to a confrontation between them that won’t go the way that Jackson expects — and probably won’t make Japril fans happy.

This week in TV: I feel like I willed this to happen. What else should I wish for?

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