Sharon Stone loves every second of it

By Luria Freeman
March 01, 2018 at 09:23 AM EST

Elton John and Sharon Stone joined host James Corden on Wednesday night’s The Late Late Show for a round of “James That Tune” — and things got hilarious real fast.

Here’s how the game works: Corden uses his terrible piano skills to play a musician’s songs on a small keyboard. It’s the job of that musician to guess which song he is trying to play. With Stone’s help, John tried his best to listen beyond Corden’s butchering.

Versions of classics such as “Tiny Dancer,” “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” and “Crocodile Rock” all came up. After a while, the Diamonds singer just started blurting out song titles, unable to decipher Corden’s tone-deaf attempts. Before the last song, the host put on sunglasses and a pink feather boa to channel his inner John, which must have worked because the music icon guessed the tune without hesitation.

Check out these very interesting John covers in the video above.