'Does Ben Carson think a good chair costs $5,000?' Trevor Noah asked

By Nick Romano
March 01, 2018 at 10:43 AM EST

Ben Carson became the butt of many a joke across the late-night TV landscape on Wednesday.

The U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development apparently spent thousands of dollars of government money to buy furniture for his office, as reported by The New York Times and The Guardian. The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, Late Night‘s Seth Meyers, and The Opposition‘s Jordan Klepper were largely stunned by the $5,000 price tag on one of Carson’s office chairs.

Helen G. Foster, a former top HUD official, stated she had been fired and relocated after she hesitated to fulfill Carson’s request to circumvent the cap for redecorating his government office. Carson reportedly complained, “$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair.”

“Does Ben Carson think a good chair costs $5,000?” Noah asked. “This guy would be the worst Price Is Right contestant.” He added, “You realize you can get a sex chair off of Amazon that will literally sodomize you, and it’s $49.99 with free shipping.”

Carson and wife Candy, who is also being investigated, claimed, “there has been no dishonesty or wrongdoing by us.”

“We suspect, based on past attempts, that they will continue to probe and make further accusations even without evidence or substantiation,” they wrote in a pair of tweets. “We will continue to ask for God’s guidance to do what is right.”

“Hey, the man loves furniture,” Meyers said after explaining the situation to his Late Night audience. “Based on his personality, he’s probably been mistaken for furniture.”

“Also, $5,000 for a chair?!” he later exclaimed. “Was it a dentist chair? Although, that would make sense as Ben Carson always seems like the guy who was waiting for the nitrous to wear off.”

Like Noah, Meyers, too, pointed to footage of Carson getting interviewed in October on the Trump administration’s plan for the HUD budget cuts. He “seemed totally and completely lost,” Meyers said.

When asked for the exact number that would be cut, Carson repeatedly refused to answer. “I don’t want to open the book and look at the numbers,” he said.

Klepper, on The Opposition, mocked the Trump administration for only hiring “the best.”

“You need that decent chair,” he said of Carson, “as opposed to an indecent chair, which is what [Vice President] Mike Pence calls any piece of furniture that’s been sat on by a woman.”

Watch clips from late-night TV above.