'He'll be downgraded from top secret to Pop Secret,' Colbert joked

President Trump‘s son-in-law Jared Kushner went from “top secret” to just “secret” as his security clearance was downgraded, Politico first reported on Tuesday. As Stephen Colbert put it, this “means Kushner will have access to only nine herbs and spices” out of the 11 from KFC.

Colbert had some fun with the Kushner situation during his monologue on The Late Show. “He’s still being investigated and if the FBI does not approve him, he’ll be downgraded from top secret to Pop Secret,” the host further joked.

According to reports, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly approved the downgrade and Trump didn’t overrule the decision.

“How will he fix the Middle East now?” Colbert quipped. “He was so close to starting.”

The late-night personality then turned his attention to Trump’s “ironclad defense” of the Russian investigation — i.e. his “Witch Hunt” tweet — which means the president is “either really upset about Mueller’s investigation or he is taking a very strong stand in defense of Ryan Seacrest. We don’t know.”

The director of the National Security Agency, Admiral Mike Rogers, told the Senate Armed Services Committee he doesn’t have the authority to fight back harder against Russian meddling and he hasn’t been given the clearance to do so by Trump.

“The president has not told the National Security Agency to secure the nation against Russian hacking that we know is still happening,” Colbert said. “It’s like if your house is on fire and the firemen are all there and they agree that the flames are presently consuming your Center Hall Colonial, but the fire chief keeps tweeting, ‘Fake news! We don’t know that that’s a fire. Could be a very shiny flood. Point is there is no proof of combustion. Witch hunt!'”

Watch Colbert’s monologue above.

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