I hope you haven’t had breakfast yet.

Tuesday on The Late Late Show, host James Corden invited Chef Gordon Ramsay for a segment of Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts, a game that requires participants to either eat something disgusting or tell a damaging truth — and things got gag-worthy.

On the revolving table of death — er, “food” — was clam juice, chicken feet, salmon ice cream (with bits of salmon in it because YUM), cow tongue, grasshoppers, shot glasses filled with hot sauce, tall glasses of pickled pigs feet juice, and chopped bull penis. The Brits then preceded to take turns asking each other scathing questions, which they either had to answer or eat something of the other’s choosing.

Questions ranged from inquiring which product Corden has been paid to endorse that he doesn’t actually use to which celebrity would Ramsey not welcome back to one of his restaurants. As if the stakes weren’t disgusting enough, the men began mixing items for the other to ingest. At one point, Corden presents chicken feet dipped in salmon ice cream and smothered in clam juice for his opposer to try. This is why your mother told you not to play with your food.

Watch the hilariously stomach-churning video above.

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