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4. Season 5 (Jesse Palmer)

Every week, Bachelor host and executive producer Chris Harrison is giving EW his behind-the-scenes take on the latest episode.

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! It’s been a wild couple of days. Clare Crawley is engaged to Benoit from the Winter Games! Congratulations again, Clare. Other than that, the Bachelor Winter Games were a huge success with lots of great couples forming. We can’t wait to keep up with them and see how their relationships progress! And since then we had an amazing Women Tell All episode with some great and open interviews from Tia, Seinne, Bekah M, and Krystal. It was a wild time and more than anything, I’m glad we finally put the glam-shaming controversy to rest.

But the controversy is really just getting started. What you saw this week as Arie and the three remaining women went to Ica, Peru, was just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, Arie had to say goodbye to Kendall, as he had already fallen in love with two other women, but that didn’t make saying goodbye any easier for either of them. That’s one of the things that is hardest about being the Bachelor. You often have to end relationships that are actually going quite well, just because your time together is up. If other relationships are further along, you have to go with your gut and follow your heart.

All three overnight dates were among the most spectacular and ambitious we’ve ever done. Lauren got to fly above the beautiful ancient Nazca Lines. Kendall got to sand surf on some of the biggest and most beautiful dunes on Earth, and Becca got to take a romantic boat trip to an island full of birds. Peru was a place we’ve always wanted to go and it was totally worth the trip. Everything about it, from the sights to the ceviche, was magical.

Of course, Arie saying he is in love with two women is a big deal — we’ve only ever seen someone do that one other time in Bachelor history, with Ben Higgins. Arie is the kind of person who says what he means and means what he says, and the idea that it was going to make it harder down the road for him to say goodbye didn’t stop him from expressing his true emotions in the moment.

One thing we haven’t ever seen before, though, is a man from someone’s past coming halfway around the world to try to win his ex-girlfriend back. I have a feeling Ross expected a very different ending than the one he got with Becca. All of us tend to see ourselves as the protagonist in our own romantic comedies, but as far as this experience is concerned, Becca’s journey to love simply does not include Ross. I think it’s great that Ross and Becca had this interaction, as it seemed pretty clear that he was determined to take one last shot with her. I also really appreciate the way Arie handled Ross. He told Ross the truth about their relationship but he also made sure not to speak on Becca’s behalf. Becca is her own person and as silly as it might seem, it’s important that Arie not step in and interfere with a relationship that was a big part of her life. Those are her decisions to make, and boy did she make them.

Now, Arie is heading to Cusco, Peru, with two women that he is madly in love with. As you can imagine, things are going to be wild. Next week we are live with a three-hour finale that will change the way you look at The Bachelor forever. I’m serious when I say do not miss it!

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