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We are down to the final five on Celebrity Big Brother. But who stands the best — and worst — chance of winning on Sunday night’s two-hour finale? We went to the host herself, Julie Chen, to find out. But first, we also asked the Chenbot how she felt about Brandi Glanville egging on the other contestants to dis her, and whether Omarosa Manigault made the right move in getting James Maslow out of the house and out of the game.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You joked about it in your exit interview outside the house, but what was your reaction when you first heard Brandi dare the other houseguests to say something bad about you?
JULIE CHEN: My first thought was “bitch wha????” Then I thought, oh I get it, this is what she does. This is why she was on Real Housewives. She stirs up drama. Some people are drawn to drama and like to be troublemakers. It makes them feel powerful and that they matter in the world. Everyone wants to be heard. This is her way of being heard.

We spoke Friday morning and at that point you thought James had the best chance of winning. But Omarosa put him up on the block after Ross won the veto and out he went. Do you think Omarosa made the right move getting James out?
No, Omarosa did not make the right move in getting him out. She should have knocked out Mark, leaving James in need of a ride or die. She could have conceivably convinced him to make a final two deal with him, saying together they would knock out Ari, then Ross and Marissa. It’s a tough call, but if Omarosa and James were the final two, she might have even won. The votes I could see her getting over James would be:
And finally between Ari, Ros,s and Marissa. at least one or more probably would’ve voted for her.

We have five players left — Omarosa, Ariadna, Marissa, Mark, and Ross — heading into the finale. Who do you think has the clearest path to victory?
Ross has the clearest path to victory. Followed by Ari. Omarosa can’t compete in the next HOH, and unless she wins veto she will be next to go. Then Mark will be next on the hit list and we have no real history of him winning a competition since James let Mark win the red carpet HOH. Then Ari is lower on the totem pole than Marissa so Ross will be more loyal to Marissa. But Ari can win competitions so don’t rule her out. If she wins a comp or two she may win this. She’s hard to beat in any final two. Ross is her biggest competition.

Let’s now take the flipside of that. Who is going to have the hardest time of those left winning the $250,000?
Mark has the hardest time winning this game. He hasn’t really won any competition; again, the one time he was HOH it was given to him by James. He would be hard-pressed to get enough jury votes to win because he didn’t really bond with anyone but James in the house. He didn’t really win anything and openly admits he is not great at the competitions. He is also a self-described floater. This jury has a number of die-hard BB super fans. They would never vote for a floater to win. They’d rather give it to a deserving enemy who played the game hard.

Finally, what else can you tell us about Sunday’s finale and how the final two hours will work?
I can tell you we have the families and entourages of all the celebrities coming, so we are staging a big viewing party in a space near the stage cause our stage can’t fit everyone! There will be one epic endurance competition and that’s when we really get to see what these celebrities are made of!

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