By Dalton Ross
February 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST

What? You haven’t shed enough tears over Carl’s impending demise on The Walking Dead? Well, get ready to shed some more, although some of these may be tears of laughter.

That’s because we have an exclusive goodbye video Andrew Lincoln shot for his on-screen son Chandler Riggs — whose last episode will air this Sunday night on AMC — and it is absolutely everything. “On the plus side, I’m never going to have to say ‘Coral’ again,” Lincoln jokes before noting that, “the minuses far outweigh the plusses.”

And then the baddest dude in the post-apocalyptic wasteland… bursts into song! And not just song, but piano too, offering up his own unique, Walking Dead-flavored take on Camila Cabello’s “Havana.” (Sample lyrics: “God I hate those freakin’ zombies/They keep eating all of my friends and family.”) It then ends on a note equal parts fun and tender.

So, in summary: Andrew Lincoln remains the coolest guy on the planet, the bond between Lincoln and Riggs is about as special as it gets, and Sunday’s episode of TWD is going to be an emotional gut-punch. But at least you now have a way to recover: Just watch our exclusive video above of Andrew Lincoln crooning Camila Cabello on a continuous loop until all the pain fades away.

Andrew Lincoln

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