Constance Zimmer may have had the tiniest role on Beverly Hills, 90210, but rewatching for the first time, the actress realized there’s one thing she and the character still have in common.

“I still have the same haircut!” the UnREAL star says in the above clip from this week’s episode of Couch Surfing. “I have not seen this clip since it aired!”

Zimmer says that even though the bit part was 20 years ago, she still gets asked about it.

“There are still people who come to me today and say, ‘I need to know who you were on 90210 because I need to find it,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know the girl’s name, I was just another random girl in bathroom!’” Zimmer says, adding, “I play a lot of random girls in bathrooms. I was also a random girl in the bathroom in the pilot of Felicity!”

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