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Can’t wait for Jessica Jones to come back. So tell us… how kickass is she this season? — Garrison
So kickass, to say the least. According to showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica is “fueled by more anger than usual” in season 2. (Just watch the latest trailer to get a sense of everything the P.I.’s dealing with these days.) Still, Rosenberg clarifies, the Jessica of season 2 has both “more rage, but [also] more heart.” And hopefully more whiskey, too.

Any scoop on Liz’s return to the Task Force on The Blacklist? — January
Don’t expect the team to be able to pull her back from the darkness. In fact, it may only get worse from here. “Being back on the Task Force certainly doesn’t make Elizabeth Keen the squeaky clean agent she once was,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells me. “Will she continue to hide things from her team? Yes. As for crossing lines, I think it’s a safe bet to say: she’s just getting started.”

Lucy and Wyatt are finally getting together on Timeless! — Shawn
Yes, they kiss, but they’re a little bit busy trying to save the world and prevent Rittenhouse from altering history to make anything immediately official. Expect some frustration in that department as early as the premiere as they come thisclose to a moment shippers have been waiting for. Alas, that kiss we see in the trailer doesn’t happen immediately, so you’ll have to be patient.

Any new tidbits on the return of The 100? — Carolyn
In addition to the arrival of a ship full of prisoners, and finding her friends, Clarke will have a lot more to worry about in season 5. I’ve heard that her “daughter,” Madi, will form a bond that worries Clarke. Make of that what you will.

Once Upon a Time scoop is welcome! — Bryan
Suzy Joachim (Being Erica) has been tapped to play Madame Leota — ahem — whom I hear is described as a powerful gatekeeper to a haunted house. Not only will we meet the famed character from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, but we may also hear some iconic lines parkgoers will recognize.

Scoop on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s 100th episode? — Michael
UPDATE: Details are being kept under wraps, but I can reveal that Hive and Lash have been booked to appear in the upcoming 100th episode!

I’d love some more scoop on Deception please! — Danny
I can exclusively reveal that Billy Zane will guest-star in two episodes of the new ABC drama as Switch, an infamous and charismatic street artist who’s as comfortable parkouring over rooftops to tag buildings as he is peddling his best-selling cookbook Switch in the Kitch.

Will Jack McCoy be back on SVU this season? — Noel
In the flesh? Not likely. But he does get name-dropped a number of times when Peter Stone officially takes over as ADA. Unsurprisingly, he’ll immediately bump heads with Benson, and not just because her ex, Cassidy, is the prime suspect in their next case. But a surprising person will come to her defense, offering a tidbit of SVU history.

Any hope for Jeller fans when Blindspot returns? — DG
There is definitely a charged moment between them when the show returns, but tension abounds when Avery turns to Weller over Jane. You’ll never guess who Jane ends up taking advice from. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

What is going on with Will on Nashville?! — Jo
You want the long answer or the short answer? Because there’s a lot going on with Will, and you will get to see more of what he’s struggling with in the mid-season finale. When The Lost Highways start to get a bit of success, Will’s reaction isn’t exactly to jump for joy, and by the end of the episode, it’s what’s going on with Will that could threaten the band’s very existence.

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