By Dalton Ross
February 21, 2018 at 11:30 AM EST
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Talking for 60 seconds sounds easy, but it’s not — especially when you have to talk about yourself. But that’s exactly what I asked the contestants of Survivor: Ghost Island (premiering Feb. 28 on CBS) to do before the season started.

The purpose? To introduce themselves as quickly as possible to the viewing audience. And, yes, also to see how they held up under pressure. So how did Libby Vincek do? Well, it’s time to find out. Check out the video above to see how Libby handles a running clock, and then feel free to read her official bio below for a more complete picture of the player.

Robert Voets/CBS

Name: Libby Vincek
Age: 24
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current Residence: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Social Media Strategist

Personal Claim to Fame: Training and completing a marathon! I tried while I was in Florida and my coach was in Texas. Crossing that finish line faster than my goal time was an incredible feeling.

Inspiration in Life: Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck. I began to look up to Elisabeth when I first saw her on SURVIVOR when I was 9 years old. Even at a young age, I looked up to her not only because of her outer beauty, but her noticeably beautiful heart and work ethic. I continued to follow her in all aspects of life, from standing up for her beliefs to working with people who stand on her same side. I am a strong believer in my faith and when it comes to politics, let’s just say I’m a true southern girl. She is a badass blonde but shows that her faith and family come first. To be able to balance all of that like she does makes her a hero and a mentor to me.

Hobbies: Working out (boxing, running, weights), traveling, and cooking.

Pet Peeves: When people don’t put away simple belongings, loud chewing, and slow walkers.

3 Words to Describe You: Adventurous, strong, and outgoing.

If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? My Bible – because my faith is everything, a baseball hat, and a huge bag of my family’s smokehouse turkey jerky.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I would play a combination of Jenna Morasca and Kim Spradlin and a little bit of Natalie White. Jenna because of her strategy to flirt to the finish. She wasn’t afraid of much and used her strengths like beauty, social, and brains to get her to the top. Kim because of her ability to keep cool when necessary and her athletic ability was on point. Natalie, because she used her southern outgoing charm to win hearts and keep her social game strong.

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To win a million dollars. And to prove that this southern small town blonde is more than just a pretty face. I love adventure. I love challenges and I love to overcome them. Winning could be my chance to show the bullies in high school that I’m not little ‘ole Libby anymore. It’s a chance to show off my skills and strengths and use them to their full potential. Being on Survivor has been a dream of mine. I feel like God’s been putting me through challenges and experiences in life to prepare me for this.

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: Because I know that I can outlast and outplay! I work out a lot. I have endurance, I danced for 12 years. I have balance. I’ve completed tough mudders, marathons, and other races so I can get myself through challenges. My social game is strong. Making friends and alliances wouldn’t be an issue for me. Though I now work with technology and digital media, I grew up camping, hunting, and fishing. I love the outdoors so I know I can use that experience and those skills to outlast those 39 days. I’m strong, smart, and pretty — and I know how to use it.

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