We have already revealed all the items that will be found on Survivor’s Ghost Island when the show premieres Feb. 28 on CBS, and Jeff Probst told us about all the cursed items and how the new players will have a chance to “reverse the curse.” But what about the biggest Survivor curse of all — the Survivor car curse?

During seasons 2 through 14, one player won a car during a reward challenge every single season. Sometimes it was a Pontiac, other times a Chevrolet. There were a few Saturns and GMCs mixed in there, even a Ford and a Mercury. And what did those 13 car winners all have in common? They all became losers in the game of Survivor.

That’s right, not a single person who won the car went on to win the game that season, which is also remarkable because the car was usually given away near the very end of the game, in between days 28 and 37. The most infamous case of the Survivor car curse occurred the last time a car was given away during the game — in Fiji when Yau-Man Chan won the car and gave it to Dreamz Herd in exchange for an immunity later. Dreamz then broke his word, Yau-Man got voted out, and neither of them went on to win. The curse claimed two victims that season.

So why has the car curse not been included on Ghost Island? (Or is it included and we just don’t know it?) We asked host Jeff Probst exactly that while on location in Fiji, and you’ll have to watch the video above to see his reaction. Not only that, but we also pitched Probst on a few other items we’d like to see on Ghost Island this season, including the most cursed Survivor twist ever. Check it out and then let us know what other items you would like to see out there.

Survivor: Ghost Island premieres on Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. on CBS. For a crazy amount of coverage of the upcoming season, check out our Survivor hub and follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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